Sustainable protection of electronics

Many electronic components today have a wider range of functions and must fulfill strict reliability and functional durability requirements. Once installed, they are usually very difficult to replace. Often they are not even meant to be replaceable and are designed to perform their function throughout their entire lifespan. At the same time, component geometries are becoming ever more complex, particularly with the advancement of miniaturization. 

This trend, however, does not exactly produce the best potting results, since gaps may form around corners, edges and undercuts. These gaps can collect air bubbles during potting, which could later result in faults or even complete failure of the components. The same applies to the coils of transformers, motors and ignition coils, which accumulate extremely fine air bubbles. In such cases, vacuum potting is increasingly becoming the only option for ensuring reproducible, superior potting results.
To achieve completely bubble-free results, the entire dispensing process—from material preparation and feeding to the actual component potting itself—must take place in a vacuum.

However, due to the time and costs involved, the vacuum provided should be adapted to the particular task and typically ranges between 2 mbar and 250 mbar. It is also important to note that not all components, and just as few potting media, can handle a significant reduction in pressure.

VDS Vacuum Dispensing Systems

Increasing quality requirements and workpiece complexity or added degrees of freedom in design and engineering are just some of the many reasons to choose vacuum potting. Scheugenpflug vacuum dispensers were designed for cost-effective batch production at the highest levels of quality.

For a wide range of different requirements

The Scheugenpflug vacuum potting systems cover a wide range of different requirements. Operators can find everything they need for reliable vacuum potting, ranging from entry-level systems for small to medium-sized production quantities or lab applications, to universal systems, to solutions for large production quantities and short cycle times. The process reliability is in every way equal to that of atmospheric potting.




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