Perfect optical systems and superior reliability

In the case of consumer products, manufacturers are faced with the challenge of combining complex device functions with challenging design and reliable heat and moisture resistance properties.

Our proven, modular standard systems, which cover a wide range of different adhesive bonding, dispensing and potting tasks, enable clean processing with repeat accuracy—in both piece and batch production. Through extensive communication with our customers, we understand the requirements in their industries and can fulfill these requirements with tailored, cost-effective solutions for your individual adhesive bonding, dispensing and potting tasks.

Examples of our practical applications

In addition to accurately sealing enclosures, we also focus on encapsulating electronic components as well as reliably bonding machine parts such as trim or face plates.

  • Trim plates / faceplates
  • Oven doors
  • Edge protectors for wall corners
  • High-voltage coils for gas ovens

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