Your path from job posting to employment

You can start the application process as soon as you have gathered all of your documents. Clicking the “Apply Online” button next to the particular job offer will take you directly to the online application form.

Please fill out the appropriate fields and upload your documents individually in the specified fields. We recommend using the PDF file format. Other popular formats such as .docx, .doc and .jpg are also accepted. Please note that the overall size of your files must not exceed 5 MB. Before submitting your application, recheck your information to make sure it is correct and verify that your documents are complete, since you won’t be able to make any additional changes once the information is transmitted. You can of course withdraw your application at any time.

Alternatively, you can submit your application documents with reference to the job title by e-mail: (Germany) (China) (USA)

You will receive a confirmation e-mail within one week of receipt. If you don’t receive this e-mail, please call us.

What happens next?

After your application is received, your documents will be thoroughly reviewed by the appropriate department. This initial prescreening period usually takes three to four weeks. We therefore ask you to please be patient. You are welcome to contact us any time about the status of your application. 

If you pass the prescreening, you will receive an e-mail invitation for a personal interview on site or a phone interview. During the interview we want to learn more about you and introduce you to the company and the duties performed by the position you’re interested in. In the case of student applications, we also explain important parts of the position in relation to the technical college/university requirements, the length of employment, work schedule, payment, etc. 

In the first interview you will get to know your potential supervisor. A recruiter from Human Resources Management and/or a Team Leader can also be present during the initial interview. After interviewing all the qualified candidates, we will contact you promptly to inform you of our decision. It is possible that a second interview will take place on our premises afterwards. You will receive the suggested appointment date and time by e-mail. We will then make our final decision and notify you as soon as possible.

Der Bewerbungsprozess in der Übersicht


via online application form or e-mail


3 - 4 weeks


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with manager / recruiter / team leader


with manager and recruiter


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Are the online job offers current?

The job offers are updated by us daily and are therefore current.

Which documents are relevant for my application?


  • Cover letter (incl. desired pay and your earliest start date) 
  • CV (photo welcome) 
  • Job references, internship certificates and letters of recommendation 
  • Diploma (e.g. Bachelor’s or master’s degree, certificate with transcript or master craftman’s certificate, technician’s certificate or certificates of continued education)



  • Cover letter (incl. desired pay and your earliest start date) 
  • Curriculum vitae (photo welcome) 
  • Diploma/certificate of completion (if unavailable: current transcript) 
  • Internship or job references, or certificate of professional training 
  • Report card or transcript showing the highest school level completed



  • Cover letter (incl. desired start date and number of hours per week in the case of work student positions) 
  • CV (photo welcome) 
  • Current transcript 
  • Internship and job references 
  • Diploma or certificate showing qualification for university enrollment 
  • Current certificate/confirmation of enrollment


High school students

  • for a trial internship
    • Completed and signed application form 
    • Most recent school report card
  • for a training position
    • Cover letter 
    • CV (photo welcome)
    • Copies of your last three school report cards 
    • Internship certificates (if available)
  • for a dual curriculum
    • Cover letter 
    • Curriculum vitae (photo welcome) 
    • Professional training certificate (if available)
    • Internship certificates (if available) 
    • Copies of your last three school report cards

How much time do I need to complete my application?

Have you gathered together all of the required documents? Then it should only take a few minutes to apply using the online application form.

Can I also send in my application by mail?

Please use our online application form instead of sending in a written application by mail.

What will happen to my information after I apply?

Your information will be deleted automatically no later than six months after the application process is completed.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions about my application?

We are happy to answer any specific questions you have regarding your application by phone or by e-mail.