Mastering new challenges

You have many years of professional experience and are an expert in your field. You have already overcome many obstacles and have continued to grow and advance throughout the course of your career. You are looking for a new challenge and the opportunity to expand your knowledge in a specific field. You want to take responsibility and actively contribute to the further development of a successful medium-sized company.

As an independent company with strong growth potential, Scheugenpflug offers secure jobs and an attractive environment with challenging assignments in various technical departments. Through our increased global orientation, you will also have the opportunity to take on an international role if you work for us. 


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Our expectations

As a “professional”, you will contribute your expertise within the company and also share your knowledge with our younger, less experienced staff members. We consider you an expert in your field, an innovation leader and mentor! 

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Stephanie Niewiem

Head of HR

Phone: +49 9445 9564 0