Standard System Or Custom Solution

Scheugenpflug offers the right system for everyone

It’s hard to imagine life today without adhesive bonding, dispensing and potting systems. A wide range of products and devices, ranging from LED lights to on-board computers used in aerospace, would quickly fail at their tasks without the availability of efficient, reliable adhesive bonding and potting processes. But every potting task is different: every workpiece and every potting medium has its own requirements for the dispensing technology applied. 

Scheugenpflug machinery and systems are therefore based on a cutting-edge modular system from which users can put together the right processes tailored to suit their needs. We offer the right system for any requirement and help you turn your adhesive bonding, dispensing and potting task into an economically efficient process.

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Employee looks trough sight glass of a material preparation and feeding system A310
Material preparation and feeding

A good dispensing system is only as good as the material preparation and/or feeding system used. Consistent feeding of a completely homogeneous, bubble-free dispensing medium can be achieved only with a perfect preparation and feeding system.

Dispenser dispenses heat-conducting paste

The quality and reliability of dispensing processes can determine whether a manufactured part is fully functional and whether entire production lines are economically efficient.

Employee operates dispensing system
Dispensing systems

Electronic components are exposed to numerous damaging influences. The right potting process encapsulates components for protection while at the same time increasingly taking over more functional tasks.

Employee operates vacuum potting system
Dispensing systems for vacuum potting

Particularly in the case of highly functional or safety-related components, vacuum potting is increasingly becoming the only way to ensure that the component will operate in a reliable manner over its entire service life.

Employee at a Control Unit
Control units and systems

Perfectly coordinated software substantially contributes to its usability, performance and the connectivity of systems. We therefore offer an optimal coordination of user guidance and system programming - apart from our process technology.

Employee advises customer with a tablet computer
Customized dispensing systems

Automation means smart production. Process engineering technology from a single provider means excellent automation. We integrate numerous adhesive bonding, dispensing and potting processes and offer optimized production lines from one source.