Customized Automated Systems for Adhesive Bonding, Dispensing and Potting

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The level of automation is steadily increasing in many industries. Whether in the automotive industry, electronics industry or medical industry: Now as in the past, automated manufacturing, with the right setup and accounting for all relevant interfaces, guarantees the highest level of performance and efficiency.

For this reason we have built up extensive expertise in process automation over more than 25 years in the market, always keeping our focus on our core areas of expertise in dispensing technology and material preparation. The available upstream and downstream process steps range from component recognition and position detection, to surface treatment, to quality inspection systems and system integration. What makes us stand out in the market is our comprehensive process knowledge and expertise of dispensing technology in conjunction with our mastery of automation.

All Scheugenpflug systems, including standard and custom-tailored solutions, are scalable and are based on a pioneering, modular system. Tried and tested components and mature processes help you with customized system planning to suit your needs and offer the highest level of availability.

Customized automation solutions from a single provider – take advantage of our many years of experience!



Component recognition and position detection

Sensors, light barriers and camera systems for component recognition and position detection protect against damage and provide accurate handling and processing.

Surface treatment and activation

Many applications require reliable cleaning and activation of substrate surfaces for the durability and reliable operation of the component.

Hardening and curing

Scheugenpflug offers a wide range of different systems for material curing and cross-linking to cover any type of potting material used and existing process requirements.

Handling systems

From conveyor belts to pick-and-place applications, to industrial robots, users have a wide variety of different handling systems to choose from.


Joining technology

In addition to atmospheric and vacuum adhesive bonding and potting processes, Scheugenpflug offers a wide range of different joining technologies.

Quality inspection systems

Integrating appropriate quality inspection systems into production acts as a safeguard against errors and thus ensures high-quality components and fewer rejects.

Part identification and marking

Scheugenpflug offers a variety of different identification processes from labeling to laser marking.

System integration

Industrial systems require reliable communication and networking. To ensure top notch traceability and for documentation purposes, we provide numerous solutions.

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