Reliable protection of PCBs

Surfaces of electronic components are increasingly being protected against environmental influences and/or corrosion by a thin layer of resin. The aim is to increase the service life and functional safety of the components.

The primary factor in conformal coating is the complete wetting of the component, including electrical contact points and solder connections. The different material viscosities that need to be processed here require an integrated preparation and feed system that can be specifically adapted to each material viscosity.

Overview of standard requirements

Our proven system solution

Our proven system solution for applying sealing varnishes and resins comprises the LiquiPrep LP804 material preparation and feed system, a Dos P016 dispenser and the DP803 DispensingCell. The material preparation/feed system and the dispenser are specially designed for the preparation and processing of sealing varnishes. The previously prepared material is conveyed from the material preparation and feed system via material feed lines to the dispenser. Precision sealing of the component in three dimensions is ensured by the dispenser mounted on the CNC axis system of the dispensing cell.

Highlights at a glance



Innovative EViS and UViS 5 operation concepts for simple handling – with UPiC 5 for dispensing program setup, including simple matrix or CNC programming, 3D visualization of workpiece and intelligent dispensing contour creation


Dispensing technology

Compact and simple complete solution based on volumetric dispensing and high-precision positioning thanks to an axis system for uniform material application in the required coat thickness


Coating quality

Highest quality due to sensor-supported monitoring of valve functions, heating and temperature measurement for viscosity control and comprehensive options for dispensing process monitoring


Material quality

Homogeneous, bubble-free and optimally temperature controlled materials for optimal adhesion to the respective substrate




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