Stepping stone into an industry with a future

After finishing school, do you want to complete a well-established, practical training program in a pleasant, modern work environment? Do you want to participate in and actively help shape the future success of a growing medium-sized company? 

Then you’ve come to the right place!


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At the moment, this section only concerns our headquarters in Neustadt, Germany. We will expand and update this page as well as its subordinated pages accordingly, if training places, trial internships and dual curriculum positions become available.


We currently offer 7 jobs where training is required!

  • Mechatronics engineer
  • Technical product designer
  • Electronics technician for industrial systems 
  • Systems integration IT specialist 
  • Industrial administrator 
  • Industrial mechanical engineer
  • Cutting machine operator

What you can expect

At Scheugenpflug, not only can you successfully complete your training, we also give you real opportunities to make a difference within the company. As an up-and-coming, future-oriented company, we are always on the lookout for well-trained staff members who identify with their work and the company. 

From the outset our trainees are given challenging and diverse tasks as part of the team. Skilled, certified trainers supervise and support you personally and are always there to respond to your questions and ideas. 

Please make note of our application period, which always begins every year on August 1 and ends December31.

Our expectations

We see our future in you! We therefore expect extraordinary commitment from you and a willingness to take advantage of all learning opportunities offered. We also expect you to be the goal-oriented driver of your training. We naturally expect that you like to work within a team and that you are polite and fair in your work with others.

How does our training program make a difference?

  • Over 20 years now, we have actively provided vocational training. 
  • Over 100 trainees have already successfully completed their training with us. 
  • Over 90% - that's our employment acceptance rate after training. 
  • Over 250 square meters - that's the area our Technical Training Shop covers. 
  • Over 97% of our existing trainees would choose our training program again.



What documents do I need to apply?

  • Cover letter 
  • CV (photo welcome)
  • Copies of your last three school report cards
  • Internship certificates

How do I apply?

At Scheugenpflug GmbH applications are filed electronically using the online application form for the particular position. Alternatively, you can also apply by e-mail to:

For applications concerning our subsidiaries in China and the USA, please use 


When can I expect to receive a response regarding my application?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail within one week of receipt. If you don’t receive this e-mail, please call us. You documentation will be reviewed after the specified application period. You will receive a response around the middle of November as to whether you are invited for an interview.

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Sophie-Marie Lechner | Human Resources

Sophie-Marie Lechner

Human Resources

Phone: +49 9445 9564 0