Dispensing Tests in the Scheugenpflug Technology and Application Center

Experience first-hand how to find solutions efficiently

Nowadays, less and less adhesive bonding and potting processes are standard. For the design of optimized dispensing processes, it is important to find the answers to some very fundamental questions like "Does the material meet the application's requirements?" long before production launch. These questions are best answered through trial and error. It is a proven fact that professionally conducted dispensing tests achieve economical results close to serial production and therefore provide the necessary reliability for the quality of your products.

During our dispensing tests, you can profit from our experts' know-how and experience together with professional equipment. Apart from state-of-the-art adhesive bonding, dispensing and potting technology, our 350m2 testing facility offers powerful pre- and post-treatment systems (including plasma pre-treatment, UV curing, pre-heating furnaces and curing ovens). Through our close collaboration with several renowned material manufacturers, you also profit from our combined material and process expertise.

Our services
  • Professional testing including test evaluations and test documentation
  • Setting up of dispensing programs for your sample workpieces/prototypes
  • Conceptualization of your ideal potting process
  • Development of prototypes/pre-production models
Your advantages
  • Highest process reliability through near-series conditions
  • Increased efficiency due to optimized process concepts
  • Possibility to optimize component geometry for potting processes early on
  • Competent advice and support by potting experts
In the course of a Dispensing Test Day, we answer the following questions, among other things:
  • Does the potting material perform as I expected?
  • What cycle times can be achieved?
  • What would be the ideal equipment for my production needs?

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