Versatile liquid and adhesive dispensers for a wide range of applications

Volumetric piston dispensers are the “jack-of-all-trades” among dispensers. They can be used for very low-viscosity media, for high-viscosity materials and even for the application of filled and/or abrasive materials such as 1C and 2C casting resins. These dispensers offer a wide range of possible applications: Volumetric piston dispensers are used both for potting and sealing applications and for tasks related to adhesive bonding, insulation and thermal management.

The Scheugenpflug volumetric piston dispensers are based on the volumetric dispensing principle, which means that the material quantity output is mechanically determined by the geometry and stroke of the associated cylinder. The relevant material feeding system feeds the potting material into the cylinder until it is filled. When a 2C medium is used, the resin/hardener component ratio is defined by the volume of the two cylinders. The dispensing pistons simultaneously push the two components in separate channels toward the outlet valve, where they first mix in the static mixing tube to form a homogeneously reactive medium.

Volumetric piston dispensers: precise, rugged and durable

Volumetric dispensing offers several advantages. Since the material quantity to be potted is mechanically determined in this case, dispensing accuracy does not depend on the temperature, material feed pressure or viscosity of the casting resin. This is not the case when it comes to other dispensing methods such as dispensing by determining mass or by measuring time. Moreover, volumetric piston dispensers are available in different sizes and models and, just like the customizable dispensing cylinders, can therefore be adapted precisely to the particular potting task.

When 2C materials are used, the mixing ratio is kept constant by simultaneously discharging both cylinders into the shared mixing tube. This makes the volumetric piston dispenser a highly precise system that can be used to achieve reproducible potting results. For process reliability, in the case of 2C potting media the reaction time or pot life begins at the moment the two components blend in the mixing tube—not in the material tank or dispenser. A rinsing liquid removes aggressive product residues from the seal and the cylinder inside walls each time the piston strikes, effectively minimizing soiling and wear and tear of machine parts. At the same time, the adverse effects of atmospheric moisture on the potting material are kept at bay. Users also benefit from the fact that Scheugenpflug volumetric piston dispensers are based on a rugged mechanical engineering principle, which offers fast and easy maintenance, long service life and significantly reduced servicing costs.




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