Quality and performance for the most demanding requirements

Increasing quality requirements and workpiece complexity or added degrees of freedom in design and engineering are just some of the many reasons to choose vacuum potting. Scheugenpflug vacuum dispensers were designed for cost-effective batch production at the highest levels of quality. All VDS systems feature a dispensing unit for 1C or 2C potting media, depending on your needs. To ensure bubble-free feeding of the potting medium, one of the LiquiPrep LP804 preparation and feeding systems is used. Powerful vacuum pumps evacuate the entire space around the component or components. This guarantees bubble-free and homogeneous filling of the components in order to achieve the required potting quality even for the most difficult dispensing tasks. To meet this requirement, various cost-effective models are therefore available both as standalone systems or for integration in a production line.



Advantages and Key features

  • Short cycle times by potting multiple components per evacuation
  • High component quality despite complex geometries and programming
  • Indispensable for safety-relevant and highly functional components
  • Dispensing contours under vacuum with XYZ axis system
  • Powerful vacuum pump for effective evacuation 
  • Heated dispensing unit and tubes 
  • Intuitive operation and dispensing program setup with visualization UViS 5

The versatile system for a wide range of applications

In electronics manufacturing, flexibility is the domain of universal systems, which allow a quick reaction to product changes. The Universal vacuum dispensing system, which usually features three motion axes and an automatic cup position, is the ideal solution for volume production of medium-sized and large workpieces. Whether working with difficult workpiece geometries, complex potting programs or a wide range of parts, with this system you are prepared for any challenge.

Powerful software

The Universal Visualization UVIS 5 software offers a powerful user interface tailored to the application for all Scheugenpflug cells, vacuum dispensing systems and Scheugenpflug’s ProcessModule. The user always has an overview of the relevant data for all processes as well as associated monitoring, maintenance and analysis tasks.


Quick overview

Cycle time
Workpiece size

++ = very good + = good (+) = limited − = not recommended

Compatible dispensers

Typical applications




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