Gear Metering Pump: Specially Designed for Continuous Bead Application

Gear pump dispensers are volumetric dispensers specifically designed for the continuous application of low to high viscosity potting materials. Application options include applying sealing beads to component housings or applying adhesives as part of joining processes.

The gear pump dispensers used in this case are exterior gear metering pumps that operate on the principle of displacement. They consist of a housing with material feed and outlet lines as well as two gears, one of which is connected with the pump drive. The drive of the second gear operates by way of the meshing of the first gear drive. The potting medium is drawn into the inlet with the help of the rotating gears, is conveyed through the pump on the outer side of the gear, and is then discharged on the outlet end. The amount of material discharged is determined by the tooth and gear geometry, the number of cogs and the set rotational speed. 

Since the sharp-edged fillers in some materials could quickly cause wear or even completely clog the gears, gear metering pumps are not suited for filled and/or abrasive potting materials. For these types of application volumetric piston dispensers offer distinct advantages due to their extremely rugged design.

faster dispensing process

Up to 50% faster dispensing process, sealing beads with constant height and uniform material distribution even at tight radii. Benefit from dynamic contour dispensing with Dos GP gear pump dispenser, linking the speed of the axis movements and dispensing performance guarantee the shortest possible cycle time and an optimum dispensing result.

Gear pump dispensers: fast and precise even for complex geometries

Operators can benefit from gear pump dispensers in particular due to their continuous, high-precision material application as well as their high dispensing speeds even in the case of complex workpiece geometries. The gear metering pumps provide the needed flexibility for potting different workpieces or for varying material quantities. Dispensing is completely uniform, even at high inlet pressures. In addition, these dispensers provide very careful, low-pulsation feeding of shear-sensitive and high viscosity potting media.




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