Meeting the demands of the future

The future is digital: wearables, networked cars and smart homes are at least to a certain degree already a permanent part of our lives. Without electronic components like controllers, transistors, sensors and processors, the continuous trend towards ever more digitalization would not be possible. These components are themselves subject to a basic transformation process: "Smaller, lighter, more powerful" is the motto, including ever shorter life cycles at the same time.

We are working with our international materials partners to develop the ideal solution for the current and future trends and challenges that you face in electronics manufacturing. The combination of high quality process and systems technology and innovative materials is the key to your success.



Permanent shielding

The stronger and more far reaching the digital impact on the real world, the greater the challenges with regard to the reliability of electronic components and the systems upon which they are based. Failures and faults in this area can cause extreme financial and/or material damage—and in the worst cases can even cost human lives. To prevent this from happening, it is imperative that the relevant workpieces and components are shielded effectively and permanently against the damaging effects of such things as moisture, dust, extreme temperatures and corrosive media. This is possible using precise adhesive bonding, sealing and encapsulating processes with repeat accuracy as well as selecting the right materials.

From our practice

Examples of our practical applications include connector potting or the potting of capacitors as well as of: 




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