Sustainable adhesive bonding and potting solutions for your applications

From car door handles and pacemakers, to power saws and microprocessors: The range of industrially potted and bonded products and devices is larger than many might imagine.

In most cases the key is to improve performance properties, provide electrical insulation and protect components from chemical, thermal and/or mechanical stresses. Depending on the application, however, factors such as creating a sight protection for counterintelligence purposes, developing fire-resistant primers or producing a high quality appearance may also be important.

Which products and workpieces are usually potted? Which processes are used as a result, and which factors must be especially considered in light of the particular process technology employed? The following pages provide a basic overview of the processes.

WHITEPAPER Potting-optimized component design

Use potting experience and know-how at the component design stage

With regard to potting, the design of electronic assemblies and components has a significant impact on economical and sustainable production.

We support you with our know-how, high-performance technology and experience so you can pot your components as economically and reliably as possible and meet the demands on your products with high levels of quality.