Knowledge, expertise and experience create the perfect potting result

Reliable, efficient adhesive bonding and potting processes can significantly improve the performance, safety and service life of electrical workpieces and components.

The underlying process technology should always be viewed as a whole, because the potting quality depends on more than just the dispensing or potting system used. Influential factors such as casting resin properties, storage, workpiece design and curing are also important. You can find the relevant general technical and process information on the pages listed below.


Whether your product is a pacemaker, speed sensor or gas oven coil: We provide the perfect solution for your potting task.


Not all potting methods are alike: Solutions for  different material-, component- and application-specific processes.


At the start of each potting task is the selection of proper materials. Depending on the demands, a variety of different casting resins are available.


Working as barriers moisture or for a high quality appearance, adhesive bonding and potting processes can fulfill different purposes.