Thermal management with heat conducting materials: Dispensing of GapFillers
EV electronics | Heat dissipation

Heat conducting materials

The importance of efficient dispensing heat conducting materials

Accurate, efficient and effective thermal management has always been important, but it is now even more critical because it is having to meet ever increasing demands in electronic systems, and not only in the electromobility sector.

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Inspection | Quality assurance

Image processing

How does the vision system work?

The demands on electronic components continue to grow. They need to be properly protected by a 100% reliable dispensing process. But how does verifiable inspection of the dispensing process work?

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Adhesive Bonding

A life-long bond – How does adhesive bonding work?

Adhesive bonding – what does it take?

Bonding is rewriting the rules of joining two materials, and is opening up completely new possibilities. Especially when it comes to connecting both small and large components cost-effectively and without any mechanical impairment. But what exactly do we have to bear in mind if we want the bond to be permanent?

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e-mobility | EV electronics

EV electronics

Reliable - a whole life long

Mobility is going through a period of upheaval right now, with digitalization, electrification of the powertrain and autonomous driving the major factors. More and more electronic components are therefore needed, all of which have to be protected. Protection that can mean the difference between life and death. The key to their reliability is the correct application of the necessary sealants and adhesives, potting compounds and heat conducting pastes.

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