Our vision

We lay the foundation for tomorrow's technologies.

From solar power systems, to LED technology, to electric vehicles: Without precise, efficient and reliable adhesive bonding, dispensing and potting processes, the development of a number of technologies and methods that are considered state-of-the-art today would not be possible. To give our customers a competitive advantage, we are continuously motivated to develop new methods and to improve our existing technology. Our ambition to always offer customers the best process engineering technology for their needs is always on our mind. We will also continue to use our cutting-edge systems technology and in-depth process-related expertise to help shape future technologies for our customers’ future success.


It all started with inspiration: More than 25 years ago, it was his passion for innovative dispensing and potting technology that prompted Erich Scheugenpflug to start building his own systems in a small garage. His ambition and his uncompromising focus on quality have made the company what it is today: one of the world’s leading providers of quality dispensing and material preparation solutions that consistently sets new standards in the industry.

The passion for our technology and our enthusiasm for continuous improvement enable us to sustainably inspire our customers as well: with custom-fit and cost-effective solutions for their individual adhesive bonding, dispensing and potting needs. Day in, day out. Around the globe.


The maxim by which we want to be measured daily is: “Dependability for our customers around the globe.” This starts with the reliability and flexibility of modular plant design concepts, and extends beyond sustainable, resource-efficient processes to the dependability of process-reliable results, and far beyond: Ultimately, we provide technical services and numerous consulting and after sales services to our customers, giving them the assurance of having a competent partner at their side at all times.

We also offer reassurance to our staff, without whom Scheugenpflug’s success would not be possible: Securing jobs over the long term is our utmost priority, and is achieved through sustainable cost control, long-term thoughts and actions, and financial independence.


Affiliation is characteristic of our entire corporate culture – both within and outside the company. Our daily work at the company is characterized by solidarity and cohesion. Teams and colleagues support each other and, in doing so, play a key role in the further development of the company.

Our collaboration with national and international partners is characterized by mutual respect and ongoing dialog in a trustful atmosphere as we strive together to assure the success of our customers. Our success ultimately builds on the many years we have devoted to our customers. As a financially independent company, we will continue to support our customers in successfully redefining the technological standards of the future.