Values and Management Guidelines

The basis of our success

The reputation and success of Scheugenpflug are essentially determined by the actions and behaviour of each employee. Common values are the basis for our daily work and a measure for social interaction with customers, coworkers and partners.

Company Values

The foundation for our company values is the daily interaction and thus the culture that has been practiced for many years in the company now. They describe what dinstinguishes Scheugenpflug from other companies and offer each employee and manager worldwide a measure of orientation as well as a basis for their daily interaction and decision making.

Management Guidelines

The management guidelines were derived from our fundamental company values. They serve as a binding standard for all Scheugenpflug managers regarding the day-to-day interaction with employees. Even when there will always be a certain tension between ambition and reality here, the management guidelines should be understood as an incentive to strive for a trusting and open cooperation every day.

Result Orientation

For us, this means:
We prioritize tasks and keep an eye on the essentials. We focus on reaching our goals efficiently.

For the manager, this means:
They set SMART goals. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound)
The manager calls for results and controls them.
They prioritize tasks and keep an eye on the essentials.


For us, this means:
We are aware that everyone of us represents the company with our attitude and behavior. To assume responsibility means to be a role model. It means to act in a self-determined way and after one’s own convictions but also to bear the consequences that may arise. It also means to learn from mistakes.

For the manager, this means:
They make deliberate decisions and take responsibility for them even if they are unpopular.
The manager evaluates risks and willingly accepts them.
They always act in the company’s best interest.

Team Spirit

For us, this means:
We work together with our colleagues in a fair and respectful way. At the same time, we are ready to help and support one another. We solve conflicts constructively; we understand and use them as an opportunity to improve our cooperation.

For the manager, this means:
They challenge and promote the cooperation within the team as well as company-wide.
The manager reacts to the needs of the team and its members.
They situationally take on tasks/activities – even outside of their area of responsibility.


For us, this means:
Honesty assures our credibility. Both as an individual and as a company. Therefore, we approach each other as well as customers and partners in a respectful way. Honesty also means to keep promises and to act in line with our values.

For the manager, this means:
They appear authentically.
The manager exemplifies open and direct communication.
They make definitive statements.


An engineer explains an dispensing system to an intern

For us, this means:
Appreciation and tolerance are the basis for our daily cooperation. We respect the opinions, experience, religion and culture of others and regard them as an enrichment. We appreciate performance and reward it accordingly.

For the manager, this means:
They express acknowledgement and honor the employees’ performance.
The manager gives regular feedback and provides constructive criticism.
They accept other opinions/ideas as well as criticism.

Willingness to Change

For us, this means:
Change is healthy: We are open for new ideas and different views. We question seasoned solutions and behaviors, support processes of change and share the responsibility for it.

For the manager, this means:
They embrace change and face it with a positive attitude.
The manager creates scope for development to realize changes in the long run.
They reflect upon themselves and their own behavior.


Production line for material preparation and feeding systems

For us, this means:
Every day, we work with dedication and give our best. We are ready to introduce suggestions for improvement and to work on ourselves. Only then can we make progress together.

For the manager, this means:
They show the willingness to set things in motion and to optimize them.
The manager challenges and promotes the commitment of their staff.
They actively retain their performance.