Scheugenpflug Academy

Dispensing knowledge is an essential resource for your company

There are a number of reasons why the Scheugenpflug Academy is worthwhile for you. That's a promise.

Motivated Employees

Operators and service technicians do not just work with a dispensing system. They work with a system that contributes significantly to the quality and market success of a product. At the Scheugenpflug Academy, they can receive training and further education: We meet the individual knowledge level of each participant and train him or her - even to expert level if required.

Knowledge is Key

Efficient application of dispensing materials is based on knowledge that should always be up-to-date. The product quality is determined by the employees' knowledge of process engineering, process understanding and adaptation to regional conditions. As a lifelong and workplace-oriented knowledge concept, dispensing knowledge becomes the raw material and fuel for your company.

Practice-oriented knowledge

With our modern didactic concept, we combine market requirements and trends with well-founded knowledge and decades of practical experience. This enables operators and service personnel to quickly apply in practice what they have learned. The knowledge transfer is multilingual and takes cultural differences into account.

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Saves time and money

Our modular course and level concept enables individual entry-level training and thus forms the basis for rapid practical success. Our introductory test, which every participant should take in advance, provides an initial assessment. During a phone consultation, we will then determine your optimal Academy plan.

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Dispensing License

The "Dispensing License" documents your personal knowledge acquired at the Scheugenpflug Academy in the future. It is also the admission ticket to our Academy community. In addition to access to further know-how, an exchange platform for experts will also be available here in the future, along with attractive offers from the world of dispensing.

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Great benefits for a small price

Investing in the qualification of employees pays off - either through optimized dispensing results or reduced service costs. The costs and time spent by the operators and service personnel pay for themselves after just a few months thanks to the improved system control. An individual consultation and quotation quickly show that it brings more than it costs.

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