Ideal for Semco and Euro Cartridges

A90 C: small, compact and easy to use

The A90 C system is the right choice for providing material via standard Semco or Euro cartridges, depending on the cartridge size. The system works with compressed air, which pushes the cartridge trigger and feeds the material from the cartridge to the dispenser. At the same time, the piston of the pneumatic cylinder moves the cartridge trigger over the surface of the workpiece, ensuring smooth dispensing of the material. The various colored LEDs notify the operator when the cartridge fill level drops below a defined minimum value (< 30 mm). The operator can also look through a small viewing window to check whether the system even contains a cartridge. For operating convenience, the cartridge in this material feeding system is easy to replace. This is a reliable, trouble-free material preparation system available at an affordable price.

  • Space-saving design
  • Easy to use
  • Interference-free feeding of even small quantities
  • Suitable for the assembly to portal axles
Quick overview
Atmospheric press.++Continuous
Highly viscous+
Models for Semco und Euro cartridges

A90 C material feeding system models are available for Semco and Euro cartridges

ModelSemco 6 oz*Semco 12 oz*Semco 20 oz*Semco 32 oz*Euro 310
*oz = UK, liquid
in ml170340610950310
Weight (kg)1.842.052.282.492.22
Max. height (mm)469734594795588
Max. diameter (mm)8383999986

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A90 CV
Material Feed with Vacuum Docking

Apart from the conventional functions, this model of the A90 C also features the new vacuum docking function. It enables the automated ventilation during cartridge changes and thus an absolutely bubble-free docking process between the material cartridge and the dispensing system. With it, the material waste per cartridge change can be reduced by up to 90 percent. Users not only benefit from absolute process reliability but also from considerable cost savings - especially in the case of expensive dispensing media.

For the vacuum docking process, Scheugenpflug specifically designed an innovative docking sleeve with filter insert. The sleeve is manually put on the filled material cartridge, which is inserted into the cartridge mount of the A90 CV afterwards. The ejector of the cartridge expulsion unit then evacuates the air within the docking sleeve. The integrated filter prevents the introduction of dispensing material into the ejector line.

Video of operating principle
Models for Semco cartridges

A90 CV material feeding system models are available for Semco cartridges

ModelSemco 6 oz*Semco 12 oz*Semco 20 oz*Semco 32 oz*
*oz = UK, liquid
in ml170340610950
Weight (kg)1.842.052.282.49
Max. height (mm)419,5684,5544,5745,5
Max. diameter (mm)83839999

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