Dos P-A Alternating Volumetric Piston Dispenser

Uninterrupted potting of large quantities

The Dos P-A is the system of choice when large quantities have to be applied quickly. In this design, one cylinder pair is loaded while the other is discharged. This makes it possible to output large quantities of dispensing material within a very short amount of time. Filling time is no longer an issue. This system is therefore ideal for filling large quantities or applying long beads of sealants or adhesives (continuous dispensing).

  • Seamless production through alternating discharge and filling of both cylinder pairs
  • Ability to process large quantities in short time
Quick overview
1C++Highly viscous++
Atmospheric press.++Abrasive++
Liquid++Service life++
Key Features
  • Double lifting mechanism allows for alternating discharge with constant mixing ratio
  • Sensor monitoring of inlet and outlet valves as well as cylinder filling
  • Temperature control with mixing tube heater (optional)
  • Camera for monitoring the dispensing needle (optional)
Alternating Piston Dispenser Dos P-A
Alternating Piston Dispenser Dos P-A

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