Careers for Professionals

Mastering new challenges

You have many years of professional experience and are an expert in your field. You have already overcome many obstacles and have continued to grow and advance throughout the course of your career. You are looking for a new challenge and the opportunity to expand your knowledge in a specific field. You want to take responsibility and actively contribute to the further development of a successful medium-sized company.

Ulrich B.
“I've been employed at Scheugenpflug for 11 years now. In the course of my occupation, I face interesting and diverse demands each day. I'm happy when young coworkers can profit from my experience and in I'm in turn able to grow with the company. Challenges, a stable work environment, a secure job and my contribution to a positive corporate development are significant factors for my long-standing activity at Scheugenpflug GmbH.”
Ulrich B. – Team Leader Product Development for Control and Drive Engineering, Development Department

As an independent company with strong growth potential, Scheugenpflug offers secure jobs and an attractive environment with challenging assignments in various technical departments. Through our increased global orientation, you will also have the opportunity to take on an international role if you work for us.

You can access our current job opportunities through our Jobfinder.

Our expectations

As a “professional”, you will contribute your expertise within the company and also share your knowledge with our younger, less experienced staff members. We consider you an expert in your field, an innovation leader and mentor!


What documents do I need to apply?

  • Cover letter (incl. desired pay and your earliest start date)
  • CV (photo welcome)
  • Job references, internship certificates and letters of recommendation
  • Diploma (e.g. Bachelor’s or master’s degree, certificate with transcript or master craftman’s certificate, technician’s certificate or certificates of continued education)

How do I apply?

At Scheugenpflug GmbH applications are filed electronically using our online application form. Alternatively, you can also apply by e-mail to: For applications concerning our subsidiaries in China and the USA, please use or respectively.



Can I also submit an unsolicited application?

Yes, any time! If there is currently no matching position for you, we also welcome your unsolicited application. Please submit your application using our application form or by e-mail to: For applications concerning our subsidiaries in China and the USA, please use or respectively.

When can I expect to receive a response regarding my application?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail within one week of receipt. If you don’t receive this e-mail, please call us. As a general rule, the time required for the selection process depends heavily on the position and the number of incoming applications. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the status of your application.

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us!

Stephanie Niewiem, Head of HR
Phone+49 9445 9564 0