Pump UP your material quality!

There’s no denying it: Electronic components have to work. An optimal dispensing performance as well as an absolutely homogeneous and bubble-free material are the prerequisites for this.

The new LiquiPrep LP804 system incorporates the process engineering know-how of 30 years of market activity and allows for reliable preparation and feeding of self-leveling adhesives and potting materials with a viscosity of up to 70,000 mPa∙s. Processes such as homogenization, tempering, circulation and evacuation can be used to specifically influence the processing properties of the medium. The heart of the system is a novel, intelligent diaphragm feed pump. State-of the-art sensors individually determine the degree of filling here. This ensures a continuously high feeding performance. The diaphragm feed pump also offers significantly increased wear resistance and thus a long service life.



Information about process technology

Your Advantages

  • Absolutely homogeneous and bubble-free potting material 
  • Consistently high feeding performance 
  • Long service life thanks to intelligent diaphragm feed pump 
  • Convenient maintenance and operation

Quick overview

Atmospheric pressure
Highly viscous

++ = very good + = good (+) = limited − = not recommended

The new standard

The new standard for material preparation and feeding. Scheugenpflug has launched a new generation of its proven A310 material preparation and feeding unit for self-leveling media: The new LiquiPrep LP804 not only allows for reliable preparation and feeding of the medium to the dispenser but its innovative diaphragm feed pump also ensures long service life and significantly reduced maintenance costs.

LiquiPrep – with and without top tank

LiquiPrep LP804 ensures reliable preparation and feeding of the medium to the dispenser. An innovative diaphragm pump ensures long service life and significantly reduced maintenance costs. For high-viscosity materials the LiquiPrep version with a top tank also makes use of gravity. Viscous potting materials call for highly advanced preparation and feeding technology, which is why the new LiquiPrep version uses gravity to support classic suction feed into the system tank. Filling from above allows the material to flow by gravity, while vacuum technology draws it in at the same time. This ensures faster and at the same time ergonomic filling of the preparation unit.

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Key features

  • Material processing in a vacuum with up to 2 mbar final pressure
  • Agitation and circulation for degassing and simultaneously preventing sedimentation 
  • Temperature control of the material tank and all material feeding components
  • Continuous feed via powerful double diaphragm delivery pump 
  • EViS operating unit: Simple system operation and fast activation of functions

Pioneering control concept for LiquiPrep LP804

The EVIS control supports simple system operation and is open for interfaces to take account of increasing digitalization. Thanks to the new design, which is graphically based on UVIS, EVIS not only offers an improved user experience it also enables process parameters to be easily adjusted and system performance to be continuously monitored.  The collected data can then be evaluated, analyzed and used for further optimizing the process.





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