Economical entry-level models for vacuum potting

Increasing quality requirements and workpiece complexity, new degrees of freedom in design and engineering are just some of the many reasons to choose the vacuum potting process. Customers are particularly looking for systems that offer budget-friendly quality vacuum potting. The compact  LeanVDS U models from Scheugenpflug are particularly suited for potting small to medium-sized batches, for lab applications and for eliminating unreliable, time-consuming sub-processes such as re-evacuation. For this purpose, bubble-free preparation of the potting medium is handled by one of the LiquiPrep LP804 preparation and feeding systems.

Lean VDS U
Reliable vacuum potting for medium-sized batches

The LeanVDS U(niversal) is available to users as a budget-friendly, entry-level model for reliable vacuum potting. Unlike the basic LeanVDS model, the LeanVDS U, in sizes starting from 420 x 420 mm, is equipped with up to three motion axes, allowing for precise, bubble-free filling, dabbing and bead application without CNC functions. This makes the system particularly suited for small to medium-sized workpieces in medium-sized batches. Potting takes place in a vacuum with up to 5 mbar of absolute pressure; parameters can be configured as usual. All LeanVDS U modules are equipped with the proven Dos P piston dispenser. Whether working with difficult workpiece geometries, more complex potting programs or a wide range of parts, users are able to handle anything when they use the LeanVDS U.

  • Higher component reliability and life-span due to improved impregnation
  • Size of the vacuum chamber allows for potting of varying component dimensions
  • Superior product quality for affordable investments
Quick overview
Dabbing++Cycle time+
Bead(+)Workpiece size(+)
Key features
  • Dispensing contours under vacuum with XYZ axis system
  • Powerful vacuum pump for effective evacuation
  • Easy data export via USB port interface 
  • Intuitive operation and dispensing program setup with visualization SCP210+
Technical data
Max. travel speed  [mm/s]160 (X and Y direction)
50 (Z direction)
Evacuation time (at 50 mbar) [s]55 (standard), 25 (upgrade)
Compatible dispensersDos P016-1K/01, Dos P016-2K/01, Dos GP-01

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