[Available on Request] The Versatile A310

Superior quality for self-levelling potting compounds

Simultaneous material preparation and feeding – an easy task for A310 models. Different parameters of the material to be prepared can be controlled: It is therefore possible for the integrated temperature control, for instance, to directly affect the viscosity of the potting media. Evacuation removes any air trapped in the casting resin as early as during preparation to ensure bubble-free potting. Circulation of the medium prevents sedimentation of the fillers in order to maintain the consistency of the potting material's properties. The agitation and circulation intensity in these systems can be adapted to the material. A range of models and optional equipment provides the ideal features and equipment for each application.

  • Consistent material feed without impairing quality
  • Easy to operate and service
  • Suitable for sensitive and chemically inert potting media
Quick overview
Atmospheric press.++Continuous++
Highly viscous(+)
Key features
  • Material processing in a vacuum with up to 1 mbar final pressure
  • Agitation and circulation for degassing and simultaneously preventing sedimentation
  • Temperature control of the material tank and all material feeding components
Videos of operating principle
Model A310 60/20

With 60 l and/or 20 l tanks and one or two 250 cm³ piston pumps per component, the A310 60/20 model meets the requirements for higher preparation and feeding volumes. Optimized line routing, rugged pumps and easy pump replacement reduce maintenance requirements. Fast degassing and a medium vacuum range system are also available for the most demanding vacuum potting applications, such as ignition coil coating.

Model A310 TP20/TP05

For materials too viscous to flow and/or to fill the large 250 cm³ piston pump efficiently, the Top Pump model is the answer. The feed pump is integrated in the material tank, assisting the pump in feeding even high viscosity potting material, with its limited flowability, into the dispenser after it has been evacuated or prepared. Compared to the A310 60/20 material feeding system, this model is a good choice for lower preparation and feeding volumes in particular.

Model A310 TP05/TP01

The A310 TP05/TP01 material preparation system is the right choice for potting and/or providing only small quantities (for example highly sensitive and/or expensive potting materials). In this case a diaphragm pump generates the vacuum. In every other respect the system has the same performance features and equipment options as its A310 60/20 and A310 TP20/TP05 counterparts.

Video A310 TP05/TP01


This optional device complements and optimizes the material supply when using an A310 system. The FillingStation is available for different container types and ensures convenient and ergonomic filling of the A310 with larger quantities of material. Thanks to an adjustable lift position, the lid prevents the outgassing of the used adhesives, sealants or potting materials while also effectively protecting them from dust and dirt. Attaching the A310 suction lance to the lid of the FillingStation is a welcome convenience for the system operator and makes continuous process monitoring unnecessary.

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