Reliable feeding of abrasive materials from the hobbock

A280 Follower Plate Pump

The A280 follower plate pump, which shares the basic design of the A220, features a reliable Scheugenpflug dual-piston pump. This pump comes in contact with the material on only one side, while a barrier fluid on the reverse side prevents abrasive fillers from adhering to the seals. This gives the material preparation system an unsurpassed service life when feeding highly abrasive, paste-like media.

  • Long service life thanks to a rugged, durable dual-piston pump
  • Very easy to use
  • High process reliability due to fully automated pressure and vacuum control
Quick overview
2C++Abrasive ++
Atmospheric press.++Continuous+
Liquid Feeding++
Highly viscous++
Key features
  • Continuous feeding via a rugged, durable dual-piston pump
  • Patented vacuum follower plate for bubble-free docking
  • Easy to operate thanks to ergonomic hobbock drawer with barrel centering unit and intuitive SCP210 controller

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