Follower Plate Pumps

Reliable, clean and bubble-free feeding of high viscosity materials from hobbocks

The heavy-duty A220 and A280 material feeding systems are used for high viscosity and, depending on the pump model, non-abrasive or highly abrasive 1C or 2C potting compounds. The original drum (hobbock, pail) is placed in the hobbock drawer and the control unit starts the docking process after the safety door is closed. This lowers the patented vacuum follower plate into the drum, where the follower plate automatically and quickly (< 5 min.) attaches itself (docks) to the material without air pockets. Material feeding starts fully automatically. After removal, the empty drum is discarded together with the follower plate. Docking the next drum with a new vacuum follower plate avoids the risk of introducing residual material into the drum, as often happens when conventional rubber follower plates are used incorrectly.