The Entry-Level Solution for Dispensing Applications

The system includes a 3-axis-system and a light curtain as well as the proven Dos P016 and the cartridge expulsion unit A90 C with filling level monitoring.

  • Fast start of production
  • Unrivaled service life
  • Short delivery times
Quick overview
Matrix+Axis speed (+)
Bead (+)Movement range+
Single-nozzle++Integration capable
Autom. weighingStand-alone++
Needle status measurement
Key features
  • Precisely dispensing dots and beads with XYZ axis system
  • Easy access via safety light curtain
  • User-friendly control with SCP210+ visualization
Dispensing system DispensingCell - Entry-level solution for thermal management
Dispensing system DispensingCell for thermal management applications
Technical data
Dimensions W x D x H [mm]650 x 710 x 2130750 x 850 x 2130850 x 1050 x 2130
Movement range X x Y x Z [mm]290 x 300 x 300390 x 400 x 300490 x 500 x 300
Compatible dispensersDos P016 1C & Dos P016 2C
Compatible material feeding unitsA90 C (Euro 310 ml, Semco 6 oz, Semco 12 oz, Semco 20 oz)

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