Manual & Automated Precision Dispensing Systems

From entry-level systems to high-end dispensing solutions

Technical improvements and the skyrocketing demand for electronic components throughout all industries have led to a reassessment of adhesive bonding and potting processes. Powerful adhesive bonding and potting processes make it possible to protect workpieces from mechanical, chemical and corrosive influences, to improve their properties and to increase their service life. However, they also offer new functional options.

In light-weight automobile construction, for instance, joining methods such as bolting or welding are increasingly being enhanced by efficient adhesive bonding processes or in some instances even completely eliminated. State-of-the-art dispensing and potting processes can also be used to implement complex designs which cannot be implemented with other processes or can only be implemented at a very high cost.
With the right atmospheric dispensing systems, it is now possible to achieve repeat accuracies of ± 3 percent, and consequently a wide variety of different adhesive bonding, dispensing and potting tasks can be completed reliably and with the desired quality results.

Another key contributing factor is the use of suitable material preparation and feeding systems tailored to the material and application. Scheugenpflug offers you efficient dispensing systems for a wide variety of applications: from customizable manual work stations, to powerful potting cells and systems, to innovative processing modules for integration in automated production processes. Thanks to the proven Scheugenpflug modular system, the scope and degree of automation for dispensing systems can be adapted flexibly to the prevailing demand or to a changing production environment.