DosP DP803

The new piston dispenser - more compact, lighter, optimized for integration

Whether adhesive bonding, sealing, filling or insulating: Due to their simple, robust design principle, piston dispensers are the systems of choice for many different dispensing tasks. They also cover a wide range of materials: In addition to very liquid adhesives, sealants and encapsulants, piston dispensers are also suitable for highly viscous and/or filled materials. With the DosP DP803 016, a new generation of our proven volumetric piston dispenser Dos P016 is now available for your individual dispensing application.

The DosP DP803 is part of our new system solution.

  • All-round solution for varied dispensing tasks
  • Highest precision and process reliability
  • 30% more compact design
  • Over 15% weight reduction
Product data



Volume/shot at 1:1 min./max. [ml]



Dispensing speed max.1 [ml/s]


Dispensing accuracy at max. stroke [%]

< 0.5



Heatable up to max. [°C]


Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm]

290 x 540 x 160

Weight [kg]


Compared to its predecessor, the DosP DP803 016 is 30 percent more compact and over 15 percent lighter. This makes it the ideal integration component for your production. Sensors on the inlet valves ensure even greater process reliability during dispensing. Thanks to additional equipment options such as mixing tube or dispenser heating, the new piston dispenser can also be flexibly adapted to your task.

In addition, the DosP DP803 016 offers the well-known advantages of our proven volumetric piston dispensers: Exactly dimensioned dispensing cylinders enable the output of precise, reproducible material volumes, and in the case of 2C media, a constant mixing ratio at all times as well. The application is independent of temperature, feeding pressure and material viscosity. In addition, users benefit from simple and fast maintenance as well as market-leading service life.

DosP DP803 016 TCA for thermally conductive materials

The DosP DP803 016 TCA piston dispenser (TCA = thermally conductive adhesives) was developed specifically for the reliable application of highly-filled thermoconductive materials.

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