Micro / Piezo Dispenser Dos PMU

Contact-free – piezo-driven micro dispensing system for the smallest quantities

The Dos PMU piezo dispenser is recommended when higher dispensing frequencies are required for micro dispensing or when the force of the electropneumatically controlled tappet is insufficient. Plug & play features help the user minimize change-over times. The piezoelectrically powered tappet can easily handle harder-to-process dispensing media. The permissible higher forces allow processing of dispensing media beyond the limits of electropneumatically controlled tappet drives. They also support higher shot frequencies.

  • Short setup times due to plug-and-play principle
  • High component throughput due to dispensing frequencies of up to 3,000 Hz
  • Processing of filled and highly viscious materials possible
Quick overview
1C++Highly viscous++
Atmospheric press.++Abrasive++
Liquid++Service life++
Key features
  • Three-dimensional, contactless material application
  • Flexibly adjustable drop shape and size
Piezo Dispenser Dos PMU
Typical applications
Process technology information

The Dos PMU dispenser offers contact-free operation, meaning in this case that an impulse is used to forcefully expel the medium, which is shot out of the nozzle and is applied to the workpiece over a distance of usually a few tenths of a millimeter up to a few millimeters. The valve tappet controls the dispensing frequency. The mechanical link transfers the valve tappet’s movement to the tappet. The potting medium flows in through the fluid connection and is discharged through the nozzle unit. Monitoring and adjustment of the needle lift is handled by a Hall effect sensor and a magnet on the upper end of the tappet.

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