SCP210 / SCP210+ and EViS

Lean Control Technology

Control and operating concepts have a major impact on the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of partially or fully automated systems. Thanks to our modularity concept, the system represents lean control technology. The SCP210 or SCP210+ microcontroller and visualization units enable easy, intuitive operation of our material preparation and feeding systems, manual workstations and dispensing cells with a lower degree of automation. The new EViS control unit represents a continuation of the SCP210 and is currently used in the LiquiPrep LP804.

SCP210 and SCP210+
For material preparation and feeding systems as well as simple dispensing systems

  • High usability thanks to capacitive 10″ multi-touch display (prepared for the use of multi-finger gestures)
  • Powerful processor
  • Regular updates via USB interface
  • Intuitive operation
  • Fast and efficient dispensing program setup (SCP210+)
  • Easy cleaning thanks to scratch-resistant real glass pane
The solution with extra features: SCP210+

A PLC solution might be too large-scale for small dispensing systems. For this purpose, the SCP210 has been enhanced with additional vacuum and motion functions for the SCP210+. For example, in combination with the LeanVDS, this also creates fully-fledged control technology for small dispensing systems with the required range of functions. Focusing on those functions that are required for the respective task pays off for the user.

Parameterization of predefined processes (abridged list) (SCP210+)
  • Start position
  • Teaching
  • Pot-life monitoring
  • Clearing of the mixing tube or metering needle
  • Matrix programming

Operation of the SCP210 is easy and intuitive: providing instruction to operators during initial start-up is usually enough training. The SCP210 makes it easy to complete monitoring, maintenance and analysis tasks and helps the operator to perform all production processes quickly and smoothly. All process-relevant data are displayed at all times. The operation data input and the maintenance menu give operators a constant clear overview of the performance and state of their system. On request, it is possible to analyze these data and determine any potential for optimization.

New control unit for the LiquiPrep LP804

The EViS control unit concept supports simple system operation in times of increasing digitalisation. Thanks to the new design, which is graphically based on the UVIS5, EViS not only offers an improved user experience. In addition to easy adjustment of process parameters, it also allows continuous monitoring of system performance. The collected data can then be evaluated, analysed and used for further process optimisation. 

LiquiPrep LP804

  • Intuitive operation
  • Fast activation of functions
  • Customizable user administration

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