For highly functional dispensing systems and vacuum chambers

The effectiveness of a controller is determined at least as much by its user interface as it is by the hardware. The UVIS interface software was designed specifically for Scheugenpflug dispensing cells, processing modules and vacuum dispensers. The UPIC programming tool software allows users to quickly and easily create complex potting programs.

Powerful software specifically for dispensing applications

The UVIS (universal visualization) interface software is a powerful, state-of-the-art user interface tailored to the application and available to all Scheugenpflug cells, processing modules and vacuum dispensers. It is the ideal solution for the visualization of production and potting systems. The control unit is easy to operate, making it easy to perform all monitoring, maintenance and analysis tasks. The user is therefore able to view all process-relevant data at any time.

  • Operation tailored to the application thanks to visualization parameter customization
  • Fast and efficient dispensing programming
  • Long-term availability of support and updates
Key features
  • Ergonomic by design thanks to full graphic display and touch control
  • PC-based, cutting edge technology in the highest performance class
  • Easy matrix programming and free CNC programming using UPIC
  • Process documentation
  • USB interface for software updates and data backup
  • Remote control (VPN)
  • Customizable user access rights
Parameterization of pre-defined processes (choose from more than 73 processes)
  • Start position
  • Joystick-assisted teaching of movements
  • XYZ needle measuring and automatic track adjustment
  • Weight-based quality monitoring
  • etc.

UPIC programming tool
Programming without specialists

In the past, a software or CNC specialist, or lengthy training, was often needed to create the ideal potting program. This is no longer the case with the programming tool UPIC-3D/DXF (universal programming interface), included with the UVIS interface software. Any kind of potting program, dabbing, matrix or even CNC program can be created quickly and easily. The latest version now also features visualization of 3D potting to check and troubleshoot created programs. An optional CAD/CAM interface is also available for semi-automated porting of a potting contour loaded into the system in the form of CNC program code from a prepared component drawing.

  • Fast and efficient dispensing programming
  • Optimum contour quality thanks to convenient control functions
Key features
  • Implement dabbing, bead and matrix application as well as CNC programs
  • Import DXF files
  • Visualize 3D potting contours
  • Also available as a standalone tool for developing potting programs

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