Innovative Dispensing Solutions for mobility now and in the future

Every change brings opportunity

Our mobility is on the verge of the greatest breakthroughs in its history.

Trends such as new mobility concepts, digitalization, powertrain electrification and autonomous driving are challenging what we’ve known about mobility up to now. At the same time, product and development cycles are becoming increasingly shorter, creating a daily challenge for everyone involved in shaping this change.

Efficient Dispensing – More than just a matter of technology

Today, efficient dispensing is not a problem if you can rely on our proven and innovative bonding, sealing and potting solutions, our decades of experience and our comprehensive support for process-safe dispensing.

Electromobility Applications

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“Technological change requires partners who understand the industries and have the innovative drive to help shape it.”
Olaf Leonhardt, CEO
“Our comprehensive approach really brings our technology to life.”
Marco Murgia, Manager Sales